Welcome Readers!

The reason for starting this blog was a need to know. In fact it’s because I was trying to find what books were available about “Airborne Operations during World War II” that this idea came forth. How many times have you looked up a book or found a subject and asked yourself “what other titles are out there”? Or you found a book on something of interest that you had no ideal that it even existed. Well it was those questions and a reader’s curiosity that prompted me to start this blog.

The list’s that I will present will be simple list’s. At the start they will be a list of historical events, primarily 20th century and primarily dealing with World War 2. The title, author, number of pages and for some books a quick review or description extracted from many other opinions will form bulk of my directory. These first lists will be simple, and may remain that way, to give you the reader a place to start your search. They will not be perfect, in fact I guarantee there will be grammatical errors in the titles of some books along with misspelled author names and incorrect pages, depending on how the counts were computed. I have no intention, at this time, of adding the ISDN number, publishing date or version of the books. Simplicity is the quickest way to get the basic information to you and you are the reason I am taking the time to share this information. Expand your library, add to your summer reading list or find an unknown publication to expand your knowledge it does not matter. Simply enjoy.

It is my intent to continue to add, add and add a little more when I find a title of a subject that I may have previously missed. This blog is a continuous process because there are not enough hours in the day to catch every publication for every subject. I also urge you the visitors to add or comment on the content of this blog.so that it can be bigger and better.
Now many will asked the accuracy of my book lists. Well my primary check and info for the listings are from Amazon.com, the Public Library along with some smaller specific sites. Have I physically viewed all the books I will list? Well, No. As anyone who reads knows there have been millions of books published with thousands of new releases being published every year. For example one of my reading list will concern the United States Civil War. I have found out that over 50,000 books have been written and published on this historical event alone. My list, so far, on the Civil War has not exceeded 500 different publications. So please be patient and have fun.

It is also my intention to link my list’s with Amazon.com for easier access and reviews above and beyond my own. In this way those forgotten classics and mass marketed known publications will be far easier to locate and if you so wish, purchase.

Have fun and feel free to contact me with any suggestions relevant to any of the book titles presented.


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