What titles are you looking for?

I thought it might be a good idea to ask you, the reader, what list of books would interest you? To find that one title or author to give you closure in your library or to open up some new area of learning. Even though my collection of books is far from complete, and in fact due to the volume of material out there, will never be complete I thought it would be nice to ask you “what titles are you looking for”?  To save some time while you ponder book titles I will tell you that there are some subjects on the “I will never look for book list”.  A few of those book list subjects are Vampires, Romance novels, Teen melodramas, comics and books on specific religions to name just a few. So if you decide that the four subjects picked by me indiscriminately are too narrow a choice then please add your subject,  keeping in mind the never look book list.


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