Why I Started?

Before continuing posting more enumerating bibliographies, or relative facsimiles, I felt an explanation was necessary on the  reason why I was listing book titles and authors and starting this blog.  Well a few years ago access to my extensive library became limited due to unforeseen personal adversity. This lack of access to my books was dramatic as I had always displayed my collection and often would pull a volume off the shelves as my interest directed. Well, with my reading material not readily accessible and the purchase of new volumes out of the question, again due too personal hardship,  I turned to the next available mass collection of fiction and non-fiction titles, the public library.

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I started spending more time at the public library and local bookstores imagining which titles to read, or at a later date, add to my boxed away collection. It was during one of these visits at the local library that I discovered a book about airborne operations during World War Two and an author I had never heard of. So I checked out  “The First Men In” by Ed Ruggero and went home to read, enjoy and learn. It was than that the obvious hit me. What other titles of this subject have I missed and are there any list about Airborne Operations during World War Two and where could I find them? (Yes, my thinking was small, but at the time this is where my interest was focused).

So out of curiosity I started an online search through my local library network. By using authors I knew and cross referencing titles already owned I started getting cross referenced hits on new titles and new authors. Well, taking these new names I continued the search on Amazon, Google, and Yahoo which led me to book resellers such as Barnes & Noble, Abe books and others where I continued to collect book information.

Well you can guess I was ecstatic about these new possible reads. So I put together a simple spreadsheet and started physically filling in my printed spreadsheets. Still thinking small, I started collecting the basic information about World War Two Airborne Operation books. As expected this fed to other World War Two titles. The First were on operations in the European Theater  such as D-Day,  which led to the Battle of the Bulge, then Hitler, the Eastern Front,… you get the point. But this is not where it ended because this cross-referenced to World War One then other American wars such as Vietnam and Korea. So months later I have collected over 9,000 titles, authors, ISBN numbers, brief book descriptions and the number of pages per book.

That is why, 9,000 plus titles later, is the reason that I  started this blog and why I continue to search and collect. No longer are my list for just myself. I figured there are others out there interested in history who may be looking for a good book on Pearl Harbor and may not know where to start.  My lists and this blog are here to give others a place to start. Take the titles and authors that I list and do a search through your public library and local book stores. You may find that one book on that one subject that opens a door of discovery.


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