Master of Warfare on the Eastern Front

In the entire list I have compiled in the last months one of my favorites, and actual an early project, was on the publications that dealt with the Eastern Front in World War 2. Ever since reading “Enemy at the Gates” by William Craig the brutality and sacrifices by so many people have placed this geographical region of war in the forefront of my interest in World War Two history. For the novice or interested reader William Craig’s book is not bad, but it is limited in that it deals primarily with the personal battle for Stalingrad and very little else along the thousand plus mile battle lines. But that is not what this list is about.  In fact a more comprehensive Eastern Front list is in the works. This is about an author who has dictated on paper a vast collection of information, including newly de-classified documents of the Soviet Union. He takes the war on the Eastern Front from a primarily obscure picture to the intricate historical battles that punctuated Hitler’s gamble and subsequent loss.
That author is Colonel David M. Glantz. If there is one writer that you should pick up to familiarize yourself with the struggle between the Germans and Russians during World War Two it is Col. Glantz. I can find no other author that has produced so many intricate volumes where details and story mesh into such a superior collection of research than Col Glantz’s. Now Colonel Glantz did not do this vast collection alone. He worked with other writers and editors such as Jonathan House and Harold Orenstein to collect and translate the endless amount of information that the war produced.
I have personally read only (3) of his books, and those were partial readings. If I had more time and a specific reason to digest Mr. Glantz’s publications I would not hesitate as he has established himself as the authority on “The Russian Front”.

Author: David M. Glantz

1.) Slaughterhouse: Handbook of the Eastern Front; 520 pages

2.) Operation Barbarossa: Hitler’s Invasion of Russia 1941; 320 pages

3.) Colossus Reborn: The Red Army at War 1941-1943; 807 pages

4.) When Titans Clashed: How the Red Army stopped Hitler; 384 pages

5.) Red Storm over the Balkans: Failed Soviet Invasion of Romania 1944; 448 pages

6.) From the Don to the Dnieper: Soviet Offense Dec. 1942 – Aug. 1943; 464 pages

7.) The Battle for L’vov July 1944: The Soviet General Staff Study; 248 pages (editor)

8.) The Battle of Kursk, 1943: The Soviet General Staff Study; 368 pages (editor)

9.) Belorussia 1944: The Soviet General Staff Study; 368 pages (editor)

10.) The Battle for Leningrad: 1941-1944; 660 pages

11.) The Siege of Leningrad, 1941-1944, 900 Days of Terror; 224 pages

12.) After Stalingrad: Red Army Winter Offense 1942-1943; 536 pages

13.) Barbarossa Derailed: Battle of Smolensk … 1941 (volume 1); 656 pages

14.) Barbarossa Derailed: Battle of Smolensk … 1941 (volume 2); 456 pages

15.) To the Gates of Stalingrad: Soviet- German Combat Oper. April-August 1942 (vol 1); 678 pages

16.) Armageddon in Stalingrad: Sept-Nov. 1942 (volume 2); 896 pages

17.) To the Gates of Stalingrad: Soviet and German Operations Aug. 1942; 678 pages

18.) Zhukov’s Greatest Defeat: Red Army Disaster in Operation Mars, 1942; 421  pages

19.) Kharkov 1942; 415 pages

20.) The Battle of Kursk; 485 pages

21.) Soviet Military Operational Art: Pursuit Deep Battle…; 295 pages

22.) The History of the Soviet Airborne Forces; 446 pages

23.) Soviet Airborne Experience, Research Study No 4; 211 pages

This is the list so far. I know there are probably two or three publications that I have missed just due to Colonel Glantz’s extensive work. If I have missed any other writers that partnered with Mr. Glantz I apologize but as you can see, and if you read my introductory to this blog, the ideal of these compilations are not to replace the Dewey decimal system. The ideal is to get the name of the books and authors on specific subjects to you the reader.

If you find any other writings of Col. Glantz, especially out-of-print editions,  that I may have missed feel free to email me or drop a comment.


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