World War II – Airborne, Operation Market Garden

As I mentioned in my welcoming statement this is how this project started. While looking for books concerning the Arnhem deployment, better known as Operation Market Garden, I came across a book at my local library that I had never heard of. The book was “A Drop Too Many: A Paratrooper at Arnhem” by the legendary Maj. Gen. John D Frost. Well I thought to myself how many more books have been published about not just this airborne operation but of all airborne operations during World War II?
Well my list swelled as I searched site after site until finally it spilled over to other aspects of the war. As each list of World War II books increased it dawned on me that I needed some way to organize the growing titles. My final solution was to organize by subject matter, location of operation and then by author. It was in this way that duplication would be reduced and some form of review could be better accomplished.
So here is my first list, with title, author, and the number of pages covering only the airborne/ground operations better known as “Operation Market Garden”.

Hell’s Highway: True story 101st Air. in Oper. Market Garden
John Antal (160 pp)
Arnhem 1944: Operation Market Garden
Stephen Badsey (96 pp)
The 101st Airborne: From Holland to Hitler’s Eagle Nest
Mark Bando (159 pp)
Battle of Arnhem
Cornelius Bauer (254 pp)
The Magnificent Disaster: The Failure of Market Garden Arnhem
David Bennett (352 pp)
Air War “Market Garden” The Build Up to the Beginning
Martin Bowman (N/A)
Arnhem, 1944: A Reappraisal
William F. Buckingham (224 pp)
The Road to Arnhem: A Screaming Eagle in Holland
Donald Burgett (256 pp)
Battlefield General: Arnhem 1944
Diane Canwell (176 pp)
Poles Apart: The Polish Airborne at Arnhem
George Cholewczynski (318 pp)
Arnhem: Operation Market Garden Sept. 1944
Lloyd Clark (288 pp)
Escape from Arnhem: A Glider’s Pilot Story
Godfrey Freeman (144 pp)
A Drop too Many: A Paratrooper at Arnhem
John D. Frost (240 pp)
Deliver us from Darkness: Untold Story 3rd Batt., 506th Market Garden
Ian Gardner (344 pp)
The Battle of Arnhem
Christopher Hibbert (192 pp)
It Never Snows in September: German View of Market Garden
Robert Kershaw (448 pp)
Hell’s Highway: Chronicle 101st Holland Campaign
George Koskimaki (504 pp)
Operation Market Garden: Legend Waal Crossing
Tim Lynch (192 pp)
September Hope: The American Side of a Bridge to Far
John C. McManus (512 pp)
Arnhem 1944: The Airborne Battle
Martin Middlebrook (512 pp)
Glider Pilots at Arnhem
M.L.Peters (356 pp)
Men at Arnhem (Part of the Echoes of War Series)
Geoffrey Powell (205 pp)
The Devils Birthday: The Bridges at Arnhem
Geoffrey Powell (276 pp)
We Fought at Arnhem
Mike Rassiter (352 pp)
A Bridge To Far
Cornelius Ryan (672 pp)
Nijmegan: Market Garden U.S. 82nd Airborne Division
Tim Saunders (160 pp)
The Island: Nijmegan to Arnhem
Tim Saunders (191 pp)
The Wrong Side of the River: Polish Eng. Comp at Arnhem
John Sliz (32 pp)
Arnhem the Fight to Substain
Frank Steer (176 pp)
Arnhem the Landing Grounds & Oosterbeek (Battleground Series
Frank Steer (160 pp)
Arnhem: The Bridge (Battleground Europe Series)
Frank Steer (176 pp)
Orange is the Color of the Day: Pict. History American Para.-Holland
Michael de Trez (506 pp)
R.E. Urquart (256 pp)


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